The PapaStrong offerings are broken into 3 categories.

DAILY 15 is a daily 15-minute HIIT workout that continues to develop dynamic strength in a way that is accessible and feasible.  We will eventually be filming a new workout every day, so folks simply sign on and get their workout in without getting bored.  For now, you will have a Additionally, the DAILY 15 is constantly evolving to meet the cutting edge of core training and optimal biomechanic performance.  You are truly taken care of longterm in your fitness needs here.


PAPAHACKS are specific problem solving sessions for common papa-related issues. Need a quick shoulder release? Got it. Want to know how to stand the right way? I have a hack for “dude posture” ready for you. Need help with fatigue? On it. These hacks are quick, educational, and applicable.


FIX-MEs & EXTRA COURSES is where I get to geek out. The Fix-Mes are a set of educational and effective pain, injury, and body-part specific bits.  Extra Courses also includes extra courses, like nutrition and specialized core strengthening.  You name it, I try to provide it.  This is the part of PapaStrong that is invaluable.  


Ok, yeah yeah.  Great.  But what happens when I click "sign up"?

Here's what happens when you sign up:  You get a welcome email with a username and a password.  You login to a private membership site, where all your programs and content exist.  The content is currently static (using old PapaStrong content), as we are developing ALL NEW content behind the scenes. So, your free access is just for you to get a jump start on your strength and to get excited about all the good stuff to come.

All online.  24/7 access.  Streaming videos in a state-of-the-art membership site.   Mobile friendly.