1. I'm out of shape.  Can I really do these workouts without getting injured?

Yes, you can.  While I am a personal trainer, my real gift and passion is corrective exercise and what I call "body engineering."  I don't think strength training is worth anything if it results in pain or injury.  So, my primary focus is rebuilding you and training you with your ultimate health and function in tact.  I have a proven track record of getting folks healed from sedentary periods, injury, pain patterns, and general weakness rather quickly through these programs and I wouldn't consider anything I do a success without that record.  

2. Where do I start?

Most folks coming in need to start with LAUNCH, the 28-Day Rebuilding Program, which starts the 1st Monday of every month.  It will get you accustomed to the PapaStrong cues and language and will guarantee that you build your strength the right way from the start.  Plus, it's got some motivation strategies and time management aspects that will help you fit exercise in like you do brushing your teeth.  

Now, if you are super duper fit and have done a lot of quality training, then you can jump head first into the DAILY 15.  

3. YOU SAY YOUR WORKOUTS ARE INNOVATIVE, but they just look like regular old HIIT workouts to me.  how are you different?

Awesome question.  There are a gazillion options online for HIIT workouts, I know.  And I'm not here to call any out as less than or wrong.  I just know from all my hands-on teaching that most of these programs are missing a few important aspects of strength training for the modern parent.  Mostly, the issue is that they train you in "forward flexion" via exercises like push-ups, crunches, etc.  The problem with that is that the modern parent spends a whole lot more time in a bent-forward posture in work and everyday life, so strengthening in forward flexion is not adequate and is often damaging.  I train you in an extension-based method, which helps you reduce pain, resolve injury, and quickly awaken deep stabilizing muscles in the key anchor points of your body (glutes, midback, and pelvic floor/core).  Additionally, the way I train helps to reduce stress to your nervous system (which lives in your spine).  And a less-stressed nervous system is the ticket to you resuming an active, playful, dynamic life.  

4. I'm kinda skeptical of fitness people and fitness stuff. 

Yeah, me too.  I should mention that I feel like one major way I'm different is that I'm not a happy go lucky spandex queen who finds total bliss in working out.  The truth is that I actually have a love/hate relationship with fitness and certainly the fitness world.  However, daily exercise is absolutely essential to my body (I have two autoimmune diseases and a history of severe back injury) and essential to my mental health.  When I say it that these workouts have saved my own life, I mean it.  SAVED MY LIFE.  

So, I show up everyday for myself and in the realest way possible.  That's the only way I know how to keep this thing going.  You'll see bad days, good days, screw ups, kids jumping on me, laundry, tears, laughs, all of it.  We're in this together and it's about time that fitness is about something other than superheroes and muscles.  It's about survival and about giving your body the structure it needs to do the gnarly stuff you want and have to do.  

5. i don't like online fitness subscriptions. can i cancel at any time?

Of course.  You are not a prisoner here.  You can leave any time.  This may not be a fit for you and that's a-ok with me.  It's simple to cancel and there are literally NO strings attached.  I don't even abuse your email inbox - meaning, you won't be getting irritating newsletters and marketing stuff from me.  No one has time for that, right?  I'm here to serve your strength and on your terms.