Giving papas a place to get support, get strong, and deal head-on with postpartum physical deterioration.


Courtney Wyckoff, CES, CPT

I am the CEO and founder of MommaStrong.com, where we have thousands of members all around the world.  I started PapaStrong because I have come to understand that strong women need strong men (and vice versa).  We've missed the mark in what your needs are as a father and your own prenatal and postpartum experience.   Until now.

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have 15 years training, experience, and research in injury prevention, pelvis and back rehabilitation, core function and integration, and optimal nervous system performance.  

I speak, teach, write about the necessities of deep abdominal strength and it's relationship to how we show up in the world.  

This motto is my life:  Win Ugly.


I think most fitness programs get it all wrong these days.  I try to get it right.  And by getting it right, this means that I believe fitness ought to be sustainable, entertaining, non-injury causing, non-stress producing, and just simply not a big part of your day.

I do this by providing 15-minute workouts that are different everyday and that are focused on strengthening you from your deepest abdominal muscles.  By doing this, the typical pain patterns in your shoulders, back, and knees literally dissolve in a few weeks.  And from there, everything is possible.  You're able to return to an active, playful life on your terms.   A happy nervous system gives you the tools you need to do the stuff you deserve and want to do.  

I've helped dads get back to their dream of playing soccer, of rock climbing, of running marathons, of working hard on entrepreneurial pursuits, of traveling, of being the dad they never had, of simply hanging out with friends and family without wincing or feeling like a beached seal.  All in just 15-minutes a day.

This is the point of fitness.  There's no need to make it a bigger part of your day than brushing your teeth.  

A penalty is a cowardly way to score.
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